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I’m not white: I am faded black.

Check out the video below from anti-racism campaigner and activist Jane Elliot.  She sums up a lot of my own thoughts on racism, and inspired me to post this. I’m not white: I am faded black. I am only this … Continue reading

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Looking for a D&D or other RPG club in Birmingham?

I’ve just completed the website for a new D&D and other RPGs club in Birmingham – the Role Players Guild – Birmingham. We meet in Digbeth, about a 10 minute walk from the city centre, in the Ladbroke hotel.  Parking … Continue reading

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Can we just please be honest here: if you are happy to holiday in Dubai then you are happy with the institution of slavery

Dubai has been built by slaves. It is no longer acceptable to deny knowledge of this.  The insane pace of construction there has been achieved by conning people from Bangladesh and the Philippines and other desperately poor countries to come … Continue reading

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New Zealand honours their dead in their own, awe-inspiring way

As an English rugby fan, I’ve always had goosebumps when the All Blacks play here, and they’ve performed the haka. There is something primal and clean about the honourable challenge to a worthy foe represented by the haka, and the … Continue reading

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Is it possible to get a job in something you are both good at and passionate about?

The one area I can claim any expertise in is online and social media marketing.  I have run major websites, email marketing and social media marketing campaigns and always made a success of them.  More details about my qualifications can … Continue reading

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Why does Birmingham city council have such a huge problem with Freegle keeping waste out of landfill? – do they ENJOY paying landfill tax?

I have been running Birmingham Freegle now since 2004, and in all that time the sum total of support I have got from Birmingham City Council has been a meaningless award. Why meaningless? – because it resulted in zero support … Continue reading

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Refuting the pernicious right-wing myth that “cut-throat competition is the natural default state of human affairs. To think otherwise is naively utopian.”

To refute yet another lie peddled by the right-wing market fundamentalists: humanity has now spent about 200 years in a state of capitalist competition. (and not even all of humanity).  However, we spent at least 99% of our history as … Continue reading

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The Real Junk Food Project in Birmingham.

Most people who visit this site will know know I am passionate about all things Green and sustainable: I volunteer for Birmingham Green Party and I founded – and continue to moderate daily – Birmingham Freegle. I recently found out … Continue reading

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Introducing Birmingham Freegle

Do you ever find yourself throwing out items that are still usable, but you just no longer have room for? – or someone has bought you a newer version of an item and so you no longer need the old … Continue reading

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If you hold any hope for the future of industrial civilization, remember that someone, somewhere decided these plastic overshoes were a good idea

Whenever I take my youngest son to his swimming lessons I see these ridiculous plastic overshoes people are told to wear, and I am filled with a deep despair for the future of civilization. Why on earth does such a … Continue reading

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