Is it possible to get a job in something you are both good at and passionate about?

The one area I can claim any expertise in is online and social media marketing.  I have run major websites, email marketing and social media marketing campaigns and always made a success of them.  More details about my qualifications can be found on my day job blog – the Online Marketing Expert.

I also created the official Bryan Talbot fanpage and I have now run it for 21 years – updating it at least once every 2 weeks.  I also set up Birmingham Freegle 14 years ago, and continue to moderate it every day.

What I am passionate about is green issues and social justice.  I currently run the online and social media marketing for Birmingham Green Party – and also help out with the West Midlands Green Party too.

My problem now is in trying to marry these two together to get a job I am both expert in and passionate about.

So – I am writing this blog post.  If you hear of any web editor roles, or online or digital marketing, or social media marketing for anything green and sustainable, please let me know!

My ideal job would be running the online and social media marketing for a green organisation in Birmingham.  I would be able to help with their online fundraising, getting to number 1 in Google, getting more people to join their cause and contribute their time.

I am also experienced in training people on anything related to online and social media marketing and of course, setting up websites to deliver targets.

I would love to work for a charity, or a workers co-operative, or anything involved in the environmental or sustainability movement, in Birmingham or within commuting distance.


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