Can we just please be honest here: if you are happy to holiday in Dubai then you are happy with the institution of slavery

Dubai has been built by slaves. It is no longer acceptable to deny knowledge of this.  The insane pace of construction there has been achieved by conning people from Bangladesh and the Philippines and other desperately poor countries to come and work there with false stories of working for 3 years and being able to put your kids through school with the proceeds.  The reality is that once they land their passports are taken from them, and they are forced to work 12 hours days in 50°c heat, whilst living in non air-conditioned metal boxes, with no running water or washing facilities.  They then need to work for many years under these slave conditions to earn enough for the air fare home.

If you are a rich westerner going on holiday, you are stating publicly that you are happy with the whole institution of slavery. You are happy to pay the slave-owners of Dubai for the work that their slaves have done.

If you ever go to Dubai for any reason, you are telling the world that you do not have a problem with the abhorrent, inherent abuses of slavery, and you are willing to perpetuate it because you think it is the cool place to go to, to impress your friends.

So please: do us all a favour: stop pretending that you are going to Dubai for the lifestyle, or the architecture or because some Instagram idiot is being paid to plug it.  Just admit that you have no problem with slavery and would live to permanently live the life of luxury only possible by working other human beings to death in the worst conditions imaginable.

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