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Is it possible to get a job in something you are both good at and passionate about?

The one area I can claim any expertise in is online and social media marketing.  I have run major websites, email marketing and social media marketing campaigns and always made a success of them.  More details about my qualifications can … Continue reading

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Why does Birmingham city council have such a huge problem with Freegle keeping waste out of landfill? – do they ENJOY paying landfill tax?

I have been running Birmingham Freegle now since 2004, and in all that time the sum total of support I have got from Birmingham City Council has been a meaningless award. Why meaningless? – because it resulted in zero support … Continue reading

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Refuting the pernicious right-wing myth that “cut-throat competition is the natural default state of human affairs. To think otherwise is naively utopian.”

To refute yet another lie peddled by the right-wing market fundamentalists: humanity has now spent about 200 years in a state of capitalist competition. (and not even all of humanity).  However, we spent at least 99% of our history as … Continue reading

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The Real Junk Food Project in Birmingham.

Most people who visit this site will know know I am passionate about all things Green and sustainable: I volunteer for Birmingham Green Party and I founded – and continue to moderate daily – Birmingham Freegle. I recently found out … Continue reading

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