Crimes against usability 2; just utter, rank incompetence!

So; I am working away at the dayjob, editing the list of exhibitions we will be at over the coming months. Part of this naturally requires me to link to the exhibitors websites; usually a quick way of doing this is to go to the venue, look at their event listings and then click on the link to the relevant exhibitions website to get the address to place onto our site.

And then ExCel in London (apparently they thought it’d be a really cool idea to name their venue after a spreadsheet… this should tell you all you need to know about them..) decided to open the links to the advertising sites in a new window (oh; JOY UNBOUNDED: a new freaking window to deal with?!) – and after a warning sign telling you that you are leaving their site (no fecking shite Sherlock; that’s what usually happens when I click on a freaking link!!!!) and then to just make absolutely, positively sure you eternally hate their company for life – they do it in a window with no controls, no address bar, no menus and no buttons.

How can anyone be so incompetent? Do they have no idea at all that this pisses off people to the point of blogging about it? – and avoiding their site as if it was ten day old medical waste that had been left in the hot sun?!?!

Check it out at their utterly incompetent site – click on the link to the Pro2Pack site and enjoy the rancidness.

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