A new term for excellence: "arm-shavingly good"

I just saw the trailer for the new movie "300" based on Frank Millers graphic novel….
… and then watched it again, and again…

… and then watched all of the features on the production of the movie….

… and then wateched it again…

… and every single time I watched it I got goose-pimples… – you know the kind that you get when you feel profound awe in the prescence of greatness? – yup: those.

The story itself is just amazing; 300 Spartans defended the pass at Thermopylae and held off an army of an estimated quarter of a million Persians for three days whilst the rest of Greece mobilised.

But this movie rendition just instilled awe in me time and again; I really cannot wait to see this movie! – it’s like waiting for Lord of the Rings to come out all over again! Hence the title of this blog entry: the trailer was so good that it raised goose pimples on my arm every single time I saw it – and so in response I need to shave the hairs off my arm to stop them raising every time; so this trailer alone is arm shavingly good!!

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