Am I the only person that thinks that threats to prostitutes would be vastly reduced if both drugs and prostitution were legalised?

The vile murders in Ipswich have got me thinking. Surely these women don’t want to have to walk the streets and sell their bodies.. aren’t they forced into it by being addicted to an illegal substance – and it’s the very illegality of it that forces them to such extreme measures.

What if the only place they could get a fix was at a doctors… where they got clean needles and works and support and encouragement to give up… what if the drugs were free and all you had to do to get them was to register as an addict… what if prostitutes were tolerated and not persecuted. (and before any loudmouth bigots jump all over this, notice what I am saying and not saying here: we TOLERATE prostitutes; we make their lives easier whilst at the same time removing the reason that over 90% of them became street walkers; the drugs ARE NOT FREELY AVAILABLE AT THE FECKING SCHOOL GATES – in fact whilst making addicts less of a target for prosecution we continue to target the dealers; in fact, drugs become a taxed government monopoly. Overall we make drugs harder to get into and easier to get out of)

So – suddenly we remove the reason for the vast majority of women to solicit on the streets; and those women that still do want to work as prostitutes (as if anyone ever really wants to do that; maybe that should be “those women compelled to work as prostitutes because they have no other way to earn money”) can do so in safety in a brothel or massage parlour.

So tell me; if we made these changes, how could that sick fuck have murdered 5 women? – and how would these changes affect you reading this? Unless you are a drug addict or a prostitute I fail to see how you can stand against a change that would make their lives better,

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