How to stop dogs savaging kids

I cannot believe it; yet another young kid is savaged by the family pet. Even more unbelievable is the fact that the family takes no responsibility for their actions, and allowed a drug dealing thug of a relative to keep a vicious dog in the house. When someone is keeping a dog for it’s intimidation value then don’t let kids anywhere near it.

And everyone bleats about how legislation is needed, without taking responsibility themselves. This will always fail so long as dangerous dogs are identified by breed. This is total crap; the only dangerous dogs are those that have had their tails docked by petty minded twats who are more interested in how a dog looks than in keeping kids alive.

Let me explain; a dog’s tail pretty much serves one function alone; to tell other dogs (and incidentally humans) the dogs mood. I have never heard of a dog with a tail savaging a person! You can tell when those dogs are angry and back off. If it was made illegal to dock a dogs tail for the petty vanity of the owners and breeders then we would all be left with the single best signpost to the dogs mood ….

… and the number of deaths by dog attack would drop like a stone.

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