You know what we need? – the World Unity Party

We need to do something drastic to stop all of the problems I have railed about in this blog.. and I think it could be labelled as the World Unity Party.

Try this for a thought experiment: one EU country attacking another EU country is now as unthinkable as one UK county attacking another UK county. Sure – it used to happen.. but now that we are more closely tied together it is unimaginable.

And do you know why the European Union was originally formed? – to stop anything like the Second World War happening again.

Now we are facing problems that are not just continent wide but global. We need a solution that makes (just as a random example) America attacking Iraq as unthinkable as Worcestershire attacking Herefordshire. If you think this means I perceive America as the most dangerous country on the planet right now then you are right…. anywhere lead by a moron who used electoral fraud to get elected, has nucelar weapons and is itching to use them to further his Heavenly appointed task of bringing about Armageddon is by far the most dangerous country on the planet.

We need a World Unity Party to attack the issues of global warming, climate change, dessertification, religious fundamentalism and the fact that the developing nations now want a Western lifestyle with all of the energy usage and pollution so implied.

We want a global confederation of city states banding together; each one electing a continental member of congress and a global member of the senate. We want a global leader, because without it we will never get an evangelist of the stature of Winston Churchill to make us face the consequences of climate change now.

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