I never thought I would ever agree with the leader of the Tory party…

David Cameron said today “just vote for anyone but the BNP” – and for the first time ever I find myself agreeing with a Tory.

The trouble with most Tories is that I have always seen them as fundamentally selfish: thier basic policy always seems to be “me first: if I am OK then to hell with anyone unable to compete at the ferocious level I insist on”

The fact that Cameron is banging on so much about how green he now is and how evil the BNP are shows how much the basic consensus of politics has changed – moved to the centre, away from the extremes. This is good for me in that the far right is now more marginalised, but also bad in that I think that some “left” policies should be implemented and are not now going to be.

Still: just remember: you might not know who to vote for, but you know who to vote AGAINST! Black and white, unite and fight – smash the BNP!

And if one of these racist little fucks has the gall to stand in YOUR area then remember this one thing: to stand in an election in the UK you have to put your home address on the ballot paper. And there is NO law against taking in a pen and paper of your own into the ballot booth. That means we know where these racist, fascist bastards live.

Do something today against the fascist BNP: UNITE AGAINST FASCISM.

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