There is nothing in evolutionary theory that says that God didn’t instigate the Big Bang

I find it hugely frustrating to see people insist that creationism or it’s bastard child – Intelligent Design – are true when anyone with the barest flicker of intelligence can see that the facts that exist at least strongly suggest that all life evolved from other species.

In fact it can only weaken the Christians entire way of life to continue to argue about something so obviously false. Just give it up! Everyone not blinded by bigotry can see that you are wrong!

And they miss a fundamental pointed of putting the date of Creation of Earth and the Universe by God at a biblical six thousand years ago they should put it at 13 or 14 billion years ago at the time of the Big Bang… – and no one could ever argue against it! We still have no idea what caused the Big Bang; it could just as easily have been God as the Huge Flying Spaghetti Monster!

And there can be no argument whatsoever against the following proposition: “What if God created the Universe at the Big Bang and set up the whole of the history of the universe and the creation of our own solar system as a way to create – eventually – us as conscious beings” Instead of a fallacious argument about creationism they should state that God created the Big Bang…..

…. and also did it in such a way as to really annoy physicists!

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