Want to do something about the environment? – just take one concrete action today

I have used this blog as a place to rant and froth about things that matter to me: I know there are a lot of issus in the back of my mind that will be dragged forth at some point in the future to be subject to my ramblings, but it turns out my sub-conscious is really concerned about the environment and global warming.

I didn’t expect this to be honest: I always knew I was concerned about the damage we were doing to the Earth and it’s ability to support our civilization.. but I hadn’t realised I was this worried!

Still: it has been cathartic to say the least, and I want to tell people about one concrete way that you can – right here, right now – do something positive.

The idea is called freecycling: what you do is anytime you are about to throw something away – anythign at all – that someone else could possibly use – then give it to them. For free. Yes – for free: what’s the problem – you were only going to chuck it in the bin anyway! So just give it to whoever wants it.

But hold on: don’t we need a virtually free and frictionless way to mediate these exchanges? – what’s that you say? – the Internet could do it?!

Just one more thing? – don’t you get aton of freeloading idiots coming along to take advantage? – well, yes we do: but as soon as they start to take the piss we throw them out!

I have the extreme personal honour of setting up the Birmingham Freecycle Group: to date there are 2462 people who have joined: that is 2462 people who are stopping junk going into landfill.

So get over there and join the Birmingham group!
– or of course the main global Freecycle homepage.

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