Bottled water not only requires oil to make the plastic to make the bottles to drink it in – but it is also more expensive than PETROL!

Yup: you read that right: bottled water is more expensive than petrol!!

So – not only due you drink water that in most cases is not even more pure than tap water, but you are also paying stupidly insane prices for the privilege. AND you are using plastic for the bottles that has to be processed from crude oil and transported to the water bottling plant, and from there to the supermarket and from there to your home. And this is plastic that takes over 1000 years to bio-degrade: yup – that is correct – over a thousand years!

Also in most regions in the world, tap water is subject to more stringent health and hygeine regulations than bottled water!

So for crying out loud, get real! Instal a water filter in your home if you really HAVE to have water that is purer than what comes out of your tap – and here is the revolutionary part – RE-USE THE SAME BOTTLE EVERY DAY!

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