Conclusive proof the current UK government will do ANYTHING to keep the USA happy

Here is it: final and definitive proof of Poodle Blair: the UK now allows the USA to extradite citizens to the USA with no proof being necessary! All that the US needs to do is (in effect) say “ermm – we’ll have HIM – he looks a bit shifty…”

We have NO reciprocal agreement in place with the US: for us to get one of theirs over here we have to undertake the full judicial process and display PROOF.

Also – this treaty is so amazingly wonderful that the US Congress has not even seen fit to ratify it!

And the final straw that breaks the camels back is that the specific case I am so worked up about is one where the alleged crime is on that was committed in England, by English people, against an English company, under English law – and the English authorities have not seen this as a crime that they need to prosecute!

The Americans can now imprison us in their country for crimes not even committed in the USA! This is just OBSCENE and yet one more example of the English prime minister bending over, pulling his trousers down and handing Bush the lubrication.

For crying out loud England – do something about this! This man is willing to let you be extradited to the USA where you could end up in Guantanamo – for a crime that the English courts are not even willing to prosecute you for!


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