The standby setting is the ally of the lightbulb! Forcibly re-educate all standby options today!

It also emerges that putting electrical appliances into standby mode eats up the power from threee or four entire power stations per annum in the UK in 2006.

Let’s just run that past again: three to four power stations need to be run and belch their carbon into the atmosphere because people are too lazy to turn off their freakin’ TV’s?!

I’m sorry – but this is one instance where the State should just come over and go “Oi! Standby setting? NO!” – and just ban the sucker! It will have no material affect whatsoever on anybody! No one will even notice that the off button now just switches something off all the way with no fiddly intermediate setting of “standby”.

And absolutely no company anywhere will in any way be affected! – in fact you could set up a profitable from-home business removing standby settings from older appliances after the law has been changed!

All you do is introduce it with a bit of warning: you say that in three years time you cannot buy any appliance with standby and that three years after that no older device can be on standby – and every manufacturer must offer a cheap retrofitting option to remove standby for any device under 5 years old.

This is one of those rare instances where the State needs to say “I am banning standby.” – and when they get asked “Why?” the response is “Because I damn well said so!! – and because we just do not need three power stations running flat out every year just to power stuff left on standby! Get out of your seat and switch the bloody thing off or on, lard arse!”

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