Lightbulbs are the enemy of the Republic! Ban all crypto-fascist running dog lackey light bulbs now!

How much of a no-brainer is this?! – Lightbulbs are a very energy inefficient method of lighting: they cost 3 to 4 times as much as a flourescent tube and wear out much quicker. The only reason we still use them is that they have been around for longer and are at the point of purchase cheaper than low energy flourescent tube style lights.

Now – it’s been estimated that simply banning these things would save 5 to 10% of all electricity! Why then is there any delay or doubt about this?! Just ban the bloody things NOW!

OK – so you give a warning of say a year away, and any companies that employ people to make lightbulbs in this country you give a grant to so that they can switch production to the flourescent tubes – but seriously: who could possibly have a problem with an overnight saving of 5 to 10%?!

All we need is 4 or 5 such savings and we could vut power usage by 50%! – and watch this space for more ideas soon….

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