Any company that manufactures any items that are disposable should be taxed at 100% of the cost of the item

Any item that is considered to be “disposable” has the costs of disposing of it transferred from the manufacturer to society as a whole. Think about it: we all pay for the costs of disposing of such items through our taxes that pay for waste disposal and removal, and the company benefits by making the item so cheap that more people buy it.

In effect the company is transferring costs onto the whole of the rest of society. There is nothing wrong with this from the point of view of a company: they always act in the short term financial interestes of their shareholders, which is not in the long term interest of the rest of the planet.

This is yet another instance where the rest of society needs to stand up and tell these people “no!” – and tax them an amount that makes THEM pay for the cost of disposing of their items. A fair tax would be 100% of the cost of the item – and if this makes it too expensive for the average consumer then that’s just great!

We are all paying the environmental costs of this short term profiteering: these taxes either stop these items being manufactured and distributed or they charge a tax level sufficient to dispose of them safely. Either way the companies stop taking the piss out of the entirety of the rest of society and pay for the damage they cause.

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