People saying nice things about the Heart of Empire CD-Rom!

I don’t know if you are aware, but I once undertook a massive labour of love: over 18 months of evenings and weekend I created the Heart of Empire CD-Rom with my personal hero, Bryan Talbot.

Bryan created the art and words and I was just the webmonkey that put them all together. Trouble is, I took a ruthlessly usability focused point of view – in that if I thought that as a user I would personally find it useful to have a link there – then damn it! – there would be a link there!

In fact when I analysed the project there are over 180,000 links on the CD!

Bryan and I always intended the CD-Rom to be a guide to creating a comic, and I find that a lot of people have thought it to be so. Anyway: whilst surfing today I found a really nice citation of the CD-Rom: “rarely more than an arm’s length away from the PC

Cheers Spinneyhead!

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