My baby (the Bryan Talbot fanpage) is ten years old!

Wow – I still cannot believe it! The fanpage that I run for the legendary English comic artist and author Bryan Talbot at is now ten years old!

I honestly do not know of any other fanpages out there that are both this old and have also been continuously updated for the whole time!

And I cannot believe how much other good stuff has flowed as a result of creating this fanpage:
-first and foremost of course meeting my hero Bryan – and then being honoured to call him a friend!
– then working with Bryan on the Heart of Empire CD-Rom
– using the experience of creating a compelling website to forge a career for myself in a field I love

It’s been an amazing journey! – and it’s going to carry on: my next goal is bring out a second edition of the CD-Rom with some massively improved scans of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and to also publish a webcomic of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

In the meantime, check out the fanpage, but more importantly check out some of Bryan’s comics next time you are in a comics shop: to me that’s the most important thing – spreading the word about Bryan’s amazing comics.

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