What happened to the Royal Family after the Revolution…

The Royal Family of the country formerly known as England was removed from power and office as the very first act of the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Republic.

The continued existence of the Royal Family was felt to be contributing towards an atmosphere of deference and mindless obedience to authority. Besides which, the thought of anyone having un-elected, hereditary power is totally alien to the fundamental beliefs of the Republic.

How can anyone set out to improve themselves and rise as high as possible through their own sheer hard work when the highest position of power in the state is held as an accident of birth? How can anyone be ambitious when the ultimate position is one they can never achieve?

And how dare anyone wield power over our lives who was not elected and for which there is no way at all to rein in their excesses?

This is not to say that the members of the ex-Royal family are not in themselves decent people: they are. What we have a problem with is the institution of royalty itself – not the current incumbents.

The old royal family accepted retirement with good grace, and launched one of the most successful second hand car sales chains in the history of the Republic: good luck to them from the Chairman!

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