Why the Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham is totally against ID Cards

Many members of the Central Committee of the Peoples Republic have urged the Chairman to implement ID Cards for the population, arguing that it is a good way to combat ID theft, terrorism, fraud, illegal immigration and any number of other real and imagined problems.

The Chairman has made a ruling today on the subject of ID cards:
The Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham will NEVER implement ID cards for one simple reason: no government EVER should be trusted with that amount of information and control.

Can you imagine how infinitely worse the Holocaust would have been had the Nazi’s had the kind of ID cards proposed today?

And do you trust EVERY government from now on to be responsible and just in it’s use of this data? – do you honestly believe there will NEVER be a totalitarian regime come to power in this country that will abuse the power ID cards give them?

Is it a serious argument to say that because it has never happened before it will never happen in the future? – that is like a 17 year old girl not using contraception because she has never got pregnant before!

Every patriotic citizen of the Republic is in fact commanded to join the campaign against these cards: do NOT let your government get these powers!: www.no2id.net

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