Why there are no single faith schools in the Republic

The Chairman of the Republic has ruled that there shall be no “faith” based schools allowed in the Republic – and most definitely no single faith only schools.

A faith based school is one that takes a single faith as it’s over-riding concern, and makes all other considerations secondary to making sure that the faith is taught.

There are two main problems with this:

1 No subject in school should be influenced by any over-riding faith. Subjects should be taught to the best of the teachers ability without any undue external influence: for example – how can you teach biology and evolution (which are scientific facts) if it it tinged by creationism? (which is an unproven belief?)

2 How the hell can you create a diverse, multicultural society if people are educated in single religion enclaves? How can kids get to know people from other religions if they do not mix with them at school?

In fact if you wanted to create the condtions for self perpetuating bigotry and hatred then by all means allow your children to go to a single faith school.

In the Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham not only is racism illegal, but any condition that could contribute to racism continuing is stopped. Therefore single faith schools are totally banned.

We have removed the causes of racism by the simple expedient of making damn sure that kids of ALL races and creeds mix together from birth. How can anyone be racist when they have a deep knowledge of all other faiths and cultures?

Hatred is bred where ignorance lurks. Kill ignorance and kill hatred.

And do NOT get me started on single sex schools!

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