Let’s force the racists off the streets!

Did you see the news article about a load of racist graffiti being sprayed all over a block of flats?

Well, these flats are known to me and I thought I would not let a bunch of racists twats get away with this; so yesterday I printed off a load of leaflets and on the way home delivered them through the letterbox of every flat in the block.

These leaflets did not mess about either; it told people to get out and vote on Thursday in the local council elections for ANYONE but the fascist, racist, nazi BNP; register your protest and make sure your voice is heard.

All racism in every form needs to be confronted. Make the racists and fascists the ones that are worried; do not allow them a platform and challenge racism wherever it raises its ugly head.

To do more, go join up with the Unite Against Fascism and the Hope not Hate people – and most importantly vote on Thursday against the BNP.

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