Heart of Empire CD-Rom; read the first chapter online for free

As long time readers of this blog might know, I run the official Bryan Talbot fanpage over at www.bryan-talbot.com. In many ways it is one of the proudest things I have done online.. When I was learning how the first web design packages (anyone else out there remember Adobe PageMill?!) I realised that I would need a real world, live project of my own to learn the software sufficiently that I could teach it. There is really no way that you ever learn something until you do it for real.

And so I thought long and hard about what I could do a website on, and I decided that one of the very few topics I cared enough about would be the work of Bryan Talbot. (also relevant was the fact that there were no other sites about his stuff yet in existence; if I was going to enter the field I wanted to be number 1 in it!)

And so – 12 years ago now – I started the website. And then when Bryan had finished Heart of Empire he came up to me with his now famous “I am getting really tired of people asking where I get my ideas from; is there a way we can tell them? – and maybe make a couple of quid into the bargain?” – and so the Heart of Empire CD-Rom was born.

Now; I have always found it hard to summarise what the CD-Rom is about in a short space of tme – the so called “elevator pitch”. If I have got 10 minutes or so I can easily get peoples heads around it, but if I have a couple of minutes it’s hard – mainly because there is just so much on there!

And so I thought why not release the first chapter online for free and allow people to read it and see what it is like without trying to explain it! – and so here it is! – allow me to present to you the entire first chapter of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom!

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