OK; that’s it; time to join the Green Party

I have finally faced my deep cynicism with mainstream, existing political parties and joined the Green Party.

The existing political parties are too in debt to established big business interests and will not – and can not – take the moral leadership needed on these critical issues. Pressure groups such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace are doing great work… – but they are on the outside trying to exert pressure… – the only thing that will make a different is real world political power – and that’s local city councillors, MP’s and MEPS.

So – if you are also disgusted at the slow rate of change and also despairing about the worlds we will leave to our children then do something! – join the Green Party now!

In Birmingham they are trying an excellent tactic; focus all available campaigning resources onto a single council seat and go all out to win it. In other cities where they have tried this it has worked well, and I cannot believe that Birmingham does not have a single Green City Councillor! The only way to save the planet is to get serious political power; and the only people currently with any credibility whatsoever are the Green Party.

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