Birmingham Freecycle now has 11,000 plus people in it!

Birmingham Freecycle now has over eleven thousand people in it! That’s just incredible!!

I heard about Freecycle back in October ’04 and thought it was such a great idea; when I came to check if there was a Birmingham UK one I couldn’t beleive that no one had already launched a group! – so I immediately did so and it’s just gone from there.

It started slowly, but for the past year has been gaining a huge amount of momentum. I still moderate the group every Friday – so watch out if you try and join on that day, or if you come and try and scam us… my patience for idiots gets less every year….

What I am trying to do now is to get the City Council to help us out; publicise us on their website and newspaper that is sent to every house in the City. The reason is that we are saving them cold hard cash from purely green motives and without making money ourselves; because they get taxed for every ton they put into landfill and there is nothing better for stopping stuff going into landfill than Freecycle.

Anyone out there know how to get the Council to actually do something?!

I wrote to my MP and she has started to badger their head of recycling – but so far – nothing!

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