You could not make this up; creationists in the US refuse to allow their kids to see "An Inconvenient Truth"…

This is just unbeleiveable; some religious, creationist bigot in the US is refusing to allow his kids to watch “An Inconvenient Trust” at school because – get this – he insists that an opposing view be presented as well.

THE CLUE IS IN THE FREAKING TITLE OF THE MOVIE!!! – It is called “An Inconvenient TRUTH” – these are facts! – they are evidence that has been taken from measuring reality; they are not open to debate or argument! Scientists have gone out, looked at a thermometer and written down these numbers! – photos taken ten years apart of the same glacier retreating 500 meters are not made up!

I can see why oil company executives insist on trying to deny climate change; their careers, companies and self esteem are bound up in doing so… but what possible reason does a religious idiot have for doing so?

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