If you find the blatant racism on Celebrity Big Brother revolting then the solution is simple; STOP WATCHING IT!

If like me you have found the blatant racism on Celebrity Big Brother to be nauseating and revolting to watch then the solution is simple; stop watching it!

I gave up on this show some years ago when I came to the conclusion that to watch it was to consume it – and also therefore to endorse it. Even worse; watching it meant that they got ratings which meant that they made more money from their advertisers and that the show would continue.

Just stop watching it! They deliberately create controversy in order to boost ratings – and unlike other artificially created controversies real people get hurt in this one!

Then after the show, demonstrate your disapproval for racist twats like Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd by refusing to consume anything they produce and wreaking their fucking careers; these people depend on us the viewing public for their livelihood! Show them that we stand against racism in ALL forms by not watching them and not listening to them. Make them do real work out of the public eye; they do not deserve our attention if they do not subscribe to the basic decencies that the rest of us insist on.

The single good thing to come out of this has been (as far as I can tell without wathcing it) – the quiet dignity of Shilpa Shetty – and the fact that she might now be a household name in Britain! – Yay! Go Bollywood!!

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