If Sweden can get rid of all oil requirements – why can’t we!

I’ve just seen someamazing news: Sweden aims to be 100% free of oil within 15 years! – this is just amazing: if a major, developed first workd country like Sweden can wean itself away from oil TOTALLY… then why can’t everyone?

All ittakes is a small amount of expenditure and pain right now – and we will save a huge amount of pain in the future. A concept that is required to be introduced here is that of “peak oil” – we have passed the peak point of oil production and from now on the amount of oil it is possible to get out of the ground will diminish AND there will be more people, cars and countries demanding oil AND it will be more expensive to get the remaining oil out of the ground.

This is why Sweden is doing this – as well as for rational, self preservation and paranoia and for the environment.

Why should we let ourselves be depdendent on a rapidly diminishing resource? – that’s already had at least two major wars fought over it? Let’s reduce oil dependency NOW – and see if we cannot beat Sweden to it!

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