For crying out loud: TAX AVIATION FUEL!

Aviation fuel is not taxed at the moment.. so one of the biggest contributors to CO2 production has no economic brake on it!

Everyone else on the planet is paying the environmental cost of all flights that everyone else takes! – and all it would need to remedy the situation would be a climate levy style tax on aviation fuel. We do NOT all need to travel so often – or so quickly: just tax the fuel and stop the climate chaging to a point where we are all FAR worse off.

And do something about it: joing the Friends of the Earth campaign today.

The vast bulk of air travel could be handled by electrically powered airships – powered by green electricity. Think about it: these things could dock at large buildings in city centres – where most people live – thus saving the fuel and time costs of travelling out to where the airports are.

And think about how much safer an airship would be: “Ladies and gentlemen: we have just lost all engines and we are crashing. Please make your way to the parachute lounge where we will show you a 5 minute video on how to parachute safely and then we will get you all safely out over the course of the next hour.”

These things are inherently safer than planes! – I know which one I would prefer to take my 18 month old baby onto! – in fact, if I won the lottery I know what I would invest it in! (and obviously you use innert non-flammable helium rather than ecxplosively combustible hydrogen)

But until we have passenger airships, please – just put tax on aviation fuel.

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