I don’t care if sorting out carbon emissions takes 10% of your profits!

If stopping global warming is going to take 10% of your profits for the next year, or 20% of your whole turnover – then SO WHAT?! The plain fact is that you CAN live without making that much profit, but you CANNOT live without enough oxygen to breathe – or without the seas rising by 50 feet – or without a hurricane the strength of Katrina every year….

Sorting out the environment is totally, utterly irrevocably more important than making money. We need to make enough money to live – but on this issue, frankly I would rather be bankrupt and still alive than rich and dead and buried on a planet wracked by environmental catastrophe.

This is why the chairman implemented the following measures:
– ALL buildings built in the republic have solar panels as roofs – and any walls possible are to be covered by solar panels; especially considering the new transparent solar panels that can be used as windows. The cost of this is paid for by the Republic.
– Every building also has wind turbines built in; for taller, city centre buildings these are housed between floors with the wind entering via slats in the walls and being funnelled to internal turbines: in smaller buildings this will be via small, quiet roof mounted turbines
– All buildings will also take in all rainwater that falls on them and use it for flushing toilets
– All buildings will re-use their “grey” water – meaning any waste coming from the sink or showers or baths or washing machines is used to flush the toilet
– All buildings will use energy efficient lighting and sensors in rooms that automatically turn off the lighting if there is no one in them.

These measures alone will cut power consumption by over 50% and water consumption by 40%. The republic will also invest 10% of GDP annually in wind farms, solar power plants, tidal energy and water conservation.

And finally, let’s not forget the cause of all of these problems: population pressure… the chairman will deal with this issue in a later rant…

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