Apart from short termism, most problems are created by population pressure

If there were not so many people around then there would be a lot less problems in the world…

Think about it – there would be less competition for scarce resources – so we would not need to go to war to – I don’t know, picking a random example – secure our oil supply.

Less people would result in less pollution and less waste; less energy consumption and less green house gases.

Now I am in now way going to advocate that the human race is in some way unnatural and less deserving of living on this planet than other animals. No what I am going to propose is that we add some small disincentives to having more kids per family than are needed for replacing the parents.

Basically, in the Republic if you have two kids nothing happens: when you have your third you are charged an extra 1% on income tax until the kid is 18; when the kid is 18 they are an adult and the parents extra drain on resources can be stopped charging for and the kid is not penalised in any way.

The extra 1% on income tax is to pay for all of the extra society resources that the child will use up, and to act as a slight pause for thought for parents. Both parents pay the extra tax too.

The fourth kid earns an extra 1% too and so on. So – we are NOT talking forced abortions – but we are saying that the people responsible for creating this extra drain on society help pay for it.

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