DAMN but it’s fun cycling in Birmingham the snow!!

So as usual, when it snows in England everyone predicts doom and apocalypse.. but you just know that they would also be the first to complain about the cost if we paid enough to get blanket coverage from snow ploughs and gritters. As it is we get such little snow that there’s no way we can afford enough of them… but hey, try telling that to the People Of Restricted Cognition….

Anyway; I now cycle to work as it is probably the only exercise I can get nowadays and also because if you don’t live your beliefs then you’re just a pathetic wimp in my opinion. And I have to say that cycling in when it was snowing was just IMMENSE fun! – the old saying is so right: “there’s no such thing as bad weather: there’s only the wrong clothes.”

Also, I am lucky enough that my route runs along a disused railway line, and this morning it was Christmas card perfect!

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