All of these terrorists would have a lot more trouble bombing an airship!

As I said in a previous post, wouldn’t you feel safer in an airship than in a plane in these days of terrorist wankers trying to cause maximum fatalities?

For a start an airship does not rely on an utterly smooth, unpunctured fuselage for structural stability. A plane will crash if there is the slightest tear in it’s skin – or god forbid – there is an actual hole in the fuselage.

An airship though?! A bomb might kill people in the immediate vicinity – but it would not mean the automatic death of everyone on board – and once these people cannot achieve their spectaculars they do not bother.

The trouble is that all it will take is some investment and forethought as these airships don’t yet exist. Personally I would far rather travel from city centre to city centre at a leisurely 120 mph or so at about 2000 feet up; secure in the knowledge that I was not a target for terrorists and that if we crashed I would have half an hour to finish my meal and get ready to step off the airship in a field instead of at the airport!!

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