The future of TV? Pay-per-view gladiatorial combat to the death

I’ve a nasty suspicion that several current trends will converge on pay-per-view TV gladiatorial combat to the death…

I mean look at what we have at the moment; reality TV that explicitly sets out to humiliate and offend the particiapants, together with a growing underclass of the poor in the developing world.

Put these together and you will get some desperately poor nation that is willing to host the gladiator games and sell access to them via pay-per-view internet TV together with enough desperately poor people willing to take part.

Imagine what the market would be like! – all those jaded lard-arses would just lap it up. In fact I am worried that by articulating the concept in this blog I am calling it into existence.

If it does happen – remember you saw it here first.

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