When will people wo will not allow green issues to affect economic growth learn that YOU CANNOT EAT OR BREATHE MONEY?!

In so many of the arguments around the whole issue of climate change you get people like the current President of the USA and the chairman of the CBI in England who absolutely will not tolerate any measures whatsover that have any impact on economic growth.

Now – industry and business are not universally a bad thing; without them we would not be reading and writing blogs on the net after all. But in a lot of ways their unchecked growth and rapacious consumption of resources can be be blamed for the whole mess that we are in.

But: we are faced with a stark choice; either we pay some substantial sums to stop the greenhouse effect making our planet unlivable – or climate change runs away and civilization becomes untenable.

We have to pay SOMETHING – and if the choice is a few years of lower or negative growth or the death of humanity then I know which one I would choose!

When will business realise that you cannot eat money? If there is nothing to buy – if the climate crashes and no one is able to grow any crops – then there is nothing to spend your money on.

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