The fundamental problem 3; motorway advertising

Anyone else noticed how many HUGE poster adverts are appearing alongside motorways nowadays?

Is no one else uncomfortable with the concept of something designed to distract you being placed alongside the road that you are driving down at 100 miles per hour?

Come on now! Surely this is a non-brainer! Let’s NOT distract people who are in control of several tons of metal at high speed!

This is yet another example of the tragedy of the commons; small numbers of people (farmers with land next to motorways) are able to make some money from an activity that ultimately we all end up paying more for. If we don’t pay for it directly when an amphetamine crazed 20 hour shift lorry driver drives into the back of us then we pay indirectly when the emergency services have to scrape whoever he did drive into off the road.

I can understand why farmers want to do it though; the way they are screded by the big supermarkets is just disgusting – but that is another issue. Let’s just ban motorway advertising 100% and stop allowing drivers to be distracted when we would all prefer that their attention is on not killing other road users.

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