If evolution doesn’t work – how in the nine hells do you explain anti-biotic resistance?

Another thing that annoys the daylights out of me is these Intelligent Design bigots who try and push the Creationism agenda down the throats of the public with fancy modern PR tactics and attitudes straight out of the old testament.

One of their core beliefs and killer arguments – one of the issues they will trot out when faced with such thorny issues such as “proof” and “facts” is that no scientist can show evolution in action – there is no evidential proof.

Excuuuuuse me, but what the zarking fardwarks is anti-biotic resistance but living proof of evolution in action?!

How the hell do you explain the fact that some viruses OVER TIME become resistant to penicillin?! How else is it possible to explain that one particular antibiotic kills 99.99% of a particular virus – this year – but that next year it kills only 80% – then 50% and so on – without using evolution in the explanation.

(apart from the fact of course that these religious bigots cannot comprehend the concept that viruses are living beings with very short generations and that therefore within a couple of months they can have gone through 4 or 5 generations and the few mutants that were immune to that antibiotic have spread their immunity throught the whole of the population due to the fact that they can double their numbers every few minutes…)

I think it must be because they operate purely on faith and any inconvenient facts that disprove their argument must be simply ignored. I wonder how many of THEIR relatives have been killed by antibiotic resistant MRSA… but of course, killing dear old granny is the wish of god, not due to overuse of drugs on the part of lazy humans….

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