Did you ever think that somehow our societies values are screwed up?

Particularly when someone can particpate in the online “community” by writing a compelling, inspiring blog…

… and yet cannot get somewhere to live?!

I mean – what is more important to you? – the ability to go online or having somewhere to live?

You have to think that we have got something wrong when a homeless person finds it easier to get online than it is to find somewhere to live. I think that this is a comment both on the ubiquity of technology and also on how little we care about the people who cannot compete at the same feverish, insane level as the rest of us.

As soon as you weaken for a moment – as soon as your grip slips – then you can slide down the greasy pole into homelessness.

So tonight on your way home, give that poor sod begging 20 pence; do you SERIOUSLY think they are begging for fun? – or because it is an easy option?

And if you ever get some spare cash in your PayPal account, get on over to the wandering scribe and donate a quid or so.

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