The fundamental problem with …Aryan supremacists.

I tend to think about things a lot – some would say too much. I think about people I despise – like Aryan or white supremacists – and think about the many, many different ways in which they are wrong.

Now I am not arguing here about how they are wrong in moral or ethical terms: I think that is self evident and obvious to anyone. These people are the most revolting bigots possible and I would say that to their faces. (in fact in my younger days I once literally and physically chased some fascists off the streets: it was the BNP who were standing for election in south Birmingham: and this bunch of so called master race low IQ thugs ran away from one bloke and three small Asian pensioners… So displaying their physical cowardice as well as their moral cowardice)

Anyway: I digress. The point I want to make is this: anyone who bases their theories on the so called “purity” of the white race is WRONG…

The facts are that Humanity evolved about sixty thousand years ago in East Africa: somewhere in the Rift Valley. This means of course that the first humans to walk on the face of the Earth were black.

This means that every other race is a mutation from the black race. The white race evolved a fairer skin to cope with northern latitudes and colder winters; the Asian, Arab, Polynesian and all races evolved their different characteristics to cope with the different conditions they encountered.

This means that the purest humans – the first beings it is possible to give the label of “human” to – the original from which all other races are mutations – are black! The Pure Race that these white supremacist IDIOTS talk about is black!

The irony inherent in this is just delicious!

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