Ever noticed that the scruffier people are the nicer they are?

My Other Half is only just realising this fact – it is something I myself only gradually became aware of over many years – but the scruffier and untidier someone is then the nicer they are (as a general rule that is…)

Some of my hobbies include live role playing games, and there are some very strange looking people who attend these! They have a lot of hair, a lot of tattoos and a lot of piercing – and to a person they are all fundamentally decent, kind and honest people. In fact , the more someone looks like a greebo then I have found the more of a nice person they are!

I myself have a day job in an office and so my level of greebo-ness is quite muted: I don’t wear my ear-rings to the office and I have no visible tattoos… – however, when I go to one of these events I can (and do) let rip!

And smartly dressed people are almost always arrogant, smarmy, self serving bastards – your typical salesman in fact. But ain’t it strange that by one of the main criteria by which we judge people – their degree of scruffiness – has an inverse relationship to their fundamental level of humanity?!

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