Don’t you DARE assume I am racist just because I am white!

One thing that winds me up more than almost anything else is when I meet other white people, who do not know my views on racism or the fact that my wife is black and my first born son is mixed race…

They can assume that just because you share a skin colour with them that you also share their views on race. Partly because of this I usually try to work into a conversation very quickly the fact that my wife is from Jamaica by heritage… or that I am profoundly and intensely proud of having, in the past, literally physically chased racists off the street.

Nothing can be more galling than for some small minded little arse to project onto you their own racist view… but the trouble is there is little way to pre-empt it unless you are as unfront in your anti-racism as me – and I know that not everyone can do that for very valid reasons.

That’s why I am going to create some t-shirts and badges in the Cafe Press shop for this site with this message on them – as a way to let people know that just because I am white don’t you DARE assume I am racist.

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