In the Republic voting is compulsory!

It might be a sad thing to say, but people have literally died to ensure we have the right to choose who governs us. The fact that politicians now bore us and the political process is deathly dull should not be allowed to turn off the younger generation from voting.

This is why in the Republic voting is compulsory. If you do not vote you are fined one day of time, which is repaid as community service to the State where we see fit.

However – because we have made voting compulsory we have also made sure that there is some form of compensation: you can vote for “none of the above” if none of the candidates are to your liking. If none of the above is the winner of the election then it is held again… if none of the above wins again then the election must be held again with different parties. Let’s really give voters what they want!

Oh and by the way – standing for office in a democracy is a privilege as well as a right: in the Republic you will need to sign a declaration that you subscribe to certain basic principles such as an utter commitment to anti-racism. If you violate these principles in any way whilst in office you will be thrown out. There is no way that anyone with racist, sexist or fascist views of any kind can ever be allowed to hold office: that is what started the Second World War – let’s not do that again.

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