You could not make this up; creationists in the US refuse to allow their kids to see "An Inconvenient Truth"…

This is just unbeleiveable; some religious, creationist bigot in the US is refusing to allow his kids to watch “An Inconvenient Trust” at school because – get this – he insists that an opposing view be presented as well.

THE CLUE IS IN THE FREAKING TITLE OF THE MOVIE!!! – It is called “An Inconvenient TRUTH” – these are facts! – they are evidence that has been taken from measuring reality; they are not open to debate or argument! Scientists have gone out, looked at a thermometer and written down these numbers! – photos taken ten years apart of the same glacier retreating 500 meters are not made up!

I can see why oil company executives insist on trying to deny climate change; their careers, companies and self esteem are bound up in doing so… but what possible reason does a religious idiot have for doing so?

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Can anyone give me one, sound reason why we allow cars on the road with a top speed that is a multiple of the maximum legal speed?

This is yet another example of the failings of capitalism; immature men with insecurity complexes will always demand fast cars to make up for their many physical and scial failings… and if they are demanded then they will be built.

But where is it in the interests of society to allow cars on the road that can do double or triple the legal speed limit? Just what is the point?

Maybe there is an argument for increasing the speed limit on motorways to 80 mph; maybe we should allow cars to go slightly faster than that to allow for overtaking… but why the hell should anyone be allowed to drice a car that goes faster than 85 miles per hour?

And YES this is state intervention!! – because I simply do not trust the competence of these drivers! There is no need for such powerful cars to be allowed!

And of course, the side issue of greater fuel efficiency is just an added bonus!

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How to stop dogs savaging kids

I cannot believe it; yet another young kid is savaged by the family pet. Even more unbelievable is the fact that the family takes no responsibility for their actions, and allowed a drug dealing thug of a relative to keep a vicious dog in the house. When someone is keeping a dog for it’s intimidation value then don’t let kids anywhere near it.

And everyone bleats about how legislation is needed, without taking responsibility themselves. This will always fail so long as dangerous dogs are identified by breed. This is total crap; the only dangerous dogs are those that have had their tails docked by petty minded twats who are more interested in how a dog looks than in keeping kids alive.

Let me explain; a dog’s tail pretty much serves one function alone; to tell other dogs (and incidentally humans) the dogs mood. I have never heard of a dog with a tail savaging a person! You can tell when those dogs are angry and back off. If it was made illegal to dock a dogs tail for the petty vanity of the owners and breeders then we would all be left with the single best signpost to the dogs mood ….

… and the number of deaths by dog attack would drop like a stone.

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A new term for excellence: "arm-shavingly good"

I just saw the trailer for the new movie "300" based on Frank Millers graphic novel….
… and then watched it again, and again…

… and then watched all of the features on the production of the movie….

… and then wateched it again…

… and every single time I watched it I got goose-pimples… – you know the kind that you get when you feel profound awe in the prescence of greatness? – yup: those.

The story itself is just amazing; 300 Spartans defended the pass at Thermopylae and held off an army of an estimated quarter of a million Persians for three days whilst the rest of Greece mobilised.

But this movie rendition just instilled awe in me time and again; I really cannot wait to see this movie! – it’s like waiting for Lord of the Rings to come out all over again! Hence the title of this blog entry: the trailer was so good that it raised goose pimples on my arm every single time I saw it – and so in response I need to shave the hairs off my arm to stop them raising every time; so this trailer alone is arm shavingly good!!

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Crimes against usability 2; just utter, rank incompetence!

So; I am working away at the dayjob, editing the list of exhibitions we will be at over the coming months. Part of this naturally requires me to link to the exhibitors websites; usually a quick way of doing this is to go to the venue, look at their event listings and then click on the link to the relevant exhibitions website to get the address to place onto our site.

And then ExCel in London (apparently they thought it’d be a really cool idea to name their venue after a spreadsheet… this should tell you all you need to know about them..) decided to open the links to the advertising sites in a new window (oh; JOY UNBOUNDED: a new freaking window to deal with?!) – and after a warning sign telling you that you are leaving their site (no fecking shite Sherlock; that’s what usually happens when I click on a freaking link!!!!) and then to just make absolutely, positively sure you eternally hate their company for life – they do it in a window with no controls, no address bar, no menus and no buttons.

How can anyone be so incompetent? Do they have no idea at all that this pisses off people to the point of blogging about it? – and avoiding their site as if it was ten day old medical waste that had been left in the hot sun?!?!

Check it out at their utterly incompetent site – click on the link to the Pro2Pack site and enjoy the rancidness.

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Am I the only person that thinks that threats to prostitutes would be vastly reduced if both drugs and prostitution were legalised?

The vile murders in Ipswich have got me thinking. Surely these women don’t want to have to walk the streets and sell their bodies.. aren’t they forced into it by being addicted to an illegal substance – and it’s the very illegality of it that forces them to such extreme measures.

What if the only place they could get a fix was at a doctors… where they got clean needles and works and support and encouragement to give up… what if the drugs were free and all you had to do to get them was to register as an addict… what if prostitutes were tolerated and not persecuted. (and before any loudmouth bigots jump all over this, notice what I am saying and not saying here: we TOLERATE prostitutes; we make their lives easier whilst at the same time removing the reason that over 90% of them became street walkers; the drugs ARE NOT FREELY AVAILABLE AT THE FECKING SCHOOL GATES – in fact whilst making addicts less of a target for prosecution we continue to target the dealers; in fact, drugs become a taxed government monopoly. Overall we make drugs harder to get into and easier to get out of)

So – suddenly we remove the reason for the vast majority of women to solicit on the streets; and those women that still do want to work as prostitutes (as if anyone ever really wants to do that; maybe that should be “those women compelled to work as prostitutes because they have no other way to earn money”) can do so in safety in a brothel or massage parlour.

So tell me; if we made these changes, how could that sick fuck have murdered 5 women? – and how would these changes affect you reading this? Unless you are a drug addict or a prostitute I fail to see how you can stand against a change that would make their lives better,

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Every little helps; reduce your PC power consumption with

In the battle for energy efficiency every little thing you can do will help; today I cam across a tiny little application that gives you a massive amount of control over your PC and how much power it uses; best of all it estimates how much CO2 you’ve saved and allows you to aggregate your statistics with everyone else who uses the program.
Go check it out at

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Say NO to ID cards

I am in the habit of collecting arguments that refute superficial and facile support for large and contentious issues. (the fact that the kind of people who support such issues are typically fat, self interested bigots is entirely besides the point…)

One of my current favourites is when I say that I am against ID cards and the reply comes back – with a certain sick innevitability – “wll, if you ain’t got anything to hide, what are you scared about”…

So I reply: “Really? – how much did YOU earn last year?” – and “what websites did you surf to all of last year?”

And then comes the killer; if anyone is stupid enough to actually trust the government and come up with a “we’ve nothing to fear – they would not use this info against us” REALLY?! ARE YOU MAD?! You could have just as easily stated the exact same thing in Germany in 1930 – or in Rwanda in 1990, or in Bosnia, or in Armenia, or Stalinist Russia … The State is Not Necessarily Your Friend; if it gets taken over – and they DO get taken over – this ID database will be the most potent tool against the people.

Do you trust every government that will ever come into power? – if you do you are stupid.

Campaign against ID Cards; at the very least sign this petition:

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Just unbelievable! What do you need to do to get a company to apologise?! Vision Express are officially INCOMPETENT!

So; I went out on Satruday to the rather splendid Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham – home to the now iconic Selfridges building.

Whilst the First Born Son was asleep and the Significant Other was stuck in a queue I thought I would stick my nose into Vision Express and get them to tweak my glasses which had developed a small but annoying twist in the frame.

This proved to be my mistake. Going into a shop as vehemently incompetent as Vision Express that is.

I sat down and the assistant gleefully took my glasses to be adjusted in the “laboratory” (without I might add indicating in any way at all that there was any risk associated with untrained apes jumping up and down on my glasses in a laughable attempt at “adjustment”)

So; I am sitting there in a hideous daze of uncorrected short-sightedness, counting my one and only blessing – that First Born Son is blissfully asleep and unware of the horror about to unfold. So; the assistant returns with the glasses in two parts. Seems that the apes had tried to just twist them violently. Now, even I as an untrained, non-expert diletante knows when to stop twisting the glasses so that they do not break!

And at this point you’d have thought wouldn’t you that there would be some hint of an apology, some indication of remorse, but no! – in a branch staffed entirely by people below the age of 30 no one dared to admit that they had done anything wrong! No indication that taking my property and damaging it beyond use was in any way at all a bad thing!

The assistant tells me that they will of course replace the glasses; fair play on that point and credit where credit is due. (this apart from the fact that I would have caused utter unadulterated mayhem to that branch if they had not done so….) and then goes on to tell me – with a straight face – that due to the queues I would have to wait an hour and a half until I could see an optician to get my eyes checked so they could work out my prescription and make up a new pair of glasses.

This nearly caused me to go postal on the spot – I mean, they are the ones that broke my property and would stop me driving home that day… so how the hell was I supposed to get my Son home to feed him when he awoke? I proceeded to apprise them of these facts; in detail and at length, and they managed to get me in to see an optician straight away.

Then they told me to sit and wait for an hour and the glasses would be made up in their lab. So I did.

At the end of the hour I was desperate to use the gentlemen’s facilities and asked if I could use theirs: the nearest public one was halfway up a flight of stairs and therefore inaccessible to me with the baby in the pushchair. They refused, saying they were not for customer use. Fair enough I reply; give me my glasses and I will leave and find some others somewhere. The minion duly leaves to find out where they were.


An hour and ten minutes later I ask again where they are. Again nothing.

An hour and twenty minutes later – and just about ready to piss in their pot plants – I ask again.
Some underage idiot starts to soft-soap me “please be patient; I will go and check now” etc, etc (but again – no apology) – and he fails to move and do ANYTHING – just stands there mouthing meaningless platitudes. I have to cut across him and say “SHUT UP AND JUST GO AND GET MY PROPERTY THAT YOUR COMPANY HAS BROKEN! RIGHT NOW!!

So he did; FINALLY. I left there with such a bad taste in my mouth it is unbelievable. Not one person got it into their head that I might be annoyed that they had destroyed my property and did NOT APPRECIATE being forced to sit in their shop for 100 minutes of my Saturday. They could not see that even being asked to wait in the queue was not my idea as it was not my fault I was there! And not one of them could conceive of the fact that to just apologise to me – EVEN ONCE – would calm my temper down massively. Not one person owned the problem; no manager came out to say sorry; and HOW THE HELL DOES A SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL OPTICIANS BREAK THE GLASSES WHEN TRYING TO FIX THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Avoid these idiots at all costs.

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Good marketing in person as well as online

I managed to convince my dayjob to send me to an emarketing masterclass run by e-consultancy in London, and the day was almost entirely as I expected it; excellent insights into making your online marketing more effective from a very good emarketing consultancy.

One highlight for me was to meet Bryan Eisenberg whose blog and website I have read for many years and whose book I already own. I emailed the organisers in advance and asked them if he would have copies of his new book – “Waiting for your cat to bark; persuading customers when they ignore marketing” – Waiting for your cat to bark; persuading customers when they ignore marketing“.

Then on the day itself I am sitting up front making sure that my company get’s their monies worth and I recognise Bryan from his book photo. When the break arrives, I sidle up to him, mumble the usual inanities that you do when you meet an author whose work you like and asked if I could buy the book. He just said “I don’t really have enough to sell – but I bought a copy over for you; here it is.” He wouldn’t take my money saying that because I was the only person to have emailed in advance and talked to him about his book thaen I deserved a review copy.

So – it’s obvious that this blokes effectiveness at online marketing also extends into the real world and he knows exactly how to connect with people. I sure as hell ain’t gonna forget his thoughtfulness and I am gonna do my best to get the most senior marketing decision maker in my organisation to read his book. (and if at all humanly possible to engage his organisation; how’s that for a return on investment!?)

Now all I have to do after that is to convince them to give me the resources to implement the ideas expounded in his book – but that’s another day, another battle!

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